Who may apply?

Individuals who are currently licensed paramedics; or
Individuals who are currently employed as seasonal firefighters with Carson City; or
Individuals who are currently licensed as EMT Intermediate or Advanced.

Where do I turn in my application?

Carson City Human Resources is managing the recruitment process. Applications must be filled out online at carson.org.

May the written exam be taken at another time?

No. All applicants will be administered the written exam on the announced test date.

If I do not live in Northern Nevada, may I still apply?

Yes. There are no residential requirements for testing.

If I was a Firefighter in another location must I take the written exam and/or do I have to attend the Fire Academy?

Yes. All applicants must complete the entire process.

What is the minimum age for an applicant?

At least 18 years of age on the date of the exam.

Do I have to be a High School Graduate or a G.E.D?

Yes. Applicants must also be able to read, write and speak the English language well and intelligently.

I am a Firefighter now; may I transfer to one of the Northern Nevada/California Fire Departments?

No. You must complete the recruitment process.

When is the physical agility exam to be administered?

The Physical Agility Test is administered only after successful completion of both NFST and paramedic written exams.

What are the Physical Ability Test Guidelines

Firefighter - Paramedic Physical Ability Exam