Application Process

Application Process Includes

1. Carson City Human Resources is managing the recruitment process. Applications must be made in accordance with instructions found here.
2. Submit an application with certification(s) here.
3. Qualified candidates will be invited to participate in a testing process.
4. An eligibility list will be established based on successful completion of each testing component.

A list of qualified candidates will be maintained for a minimum of one year or until exhausted or determined to be invalid by the respective Fire Chief. Each Department has the option of selecting or rejecting a candidate based on department specific requirements. Hiring is contingent upon successful completion of all portions of the exam process, background, physical, and psychological examinations which include a drug/alcohol test.

Qualified individuals will be invited to participate in the week long testing. Please note: you must be available during the entire week of testing process. The testing process will include a written examination. If you pass the written, you will be invited to participate in the physical ability exam. If you pass the physical ability, you will be invited to participate in the oral examination and the assessment. Qualified applicants will be notified through the recruitment process of exam locations and exam times. Invited applicants will participate in the Fire Chief's interview and will be notified of the date, time and location on a later date.

For additional information please contact -
Attn: Melanie Bruketta and Megan McCarthy
201. North Carson Street, Suite 4
Carson City, Nevada 89701
(775) 887-2103